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Könemann, Kunneman, Kuneman, Könnemann

en verwante familienamen


On these web pages you will find an overview of the descendants of the Könemanns who emigrated in the 18th and 19th century from Germany to the Netherlands. Most of the descendants of those who came to the Netherlands in the 19th century still carry the name Könemann. The descendants of the earlier immigrants have the family names Kuneman or Kunneman.

This database tries to give a complete as possible picture of all individuals carrying the name Könemann or a Dutch derivative. If possible also their German ancestors are included.

In addition to this, also data concerning individuals with the name Könemann are included from the region of Warmsen in Germany (a village in the triangle Osnabrück - Hannover - Bremen). Most immigrants of the 19th century, including my ancestors, originate from this area.

Very few data concern people who emigrated further from the Netherlands onwards to other countries. Some direct relatives are included. The only exception to this policy is the branch of Könemanns who emigrated to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) around 1800 and carry the (Dutch) name Keuneman. It is questionable, however, if their ancestors have ever lived in the Netherlands. Many German people have entered into the service of the Dutch VOC, a company for colonial exploitation in the 17th and 18th century) and became part of the Dutch expat society in the colonies, also in Ceylon.

These data are presented on internet because they might be of interest to those with a link to my family name. I am of course most interested in any comment or additional information. Please mail me at

In the database you will find me as Willem Hans Könemann.

The database is accessible in English, but explanatory texts are usually in Dutch. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want further explanation.

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