I will give give an overview of my life in a bird’s view.

I have spent the first 20 years of my life in a village (Brummen) in the eastern part of the Netherlands. I was the third (of four) children in a shop-keeper’s family. I am a real country boy, playing outside, roaming about farms, swimming in the river IJssel, building a shanty in the wood. Major activity indooors: reading books.

The next ten years (after an intermezzo in military service, which I hated) I spent in and around Utrecht, as a student at the university, as a researcher and a political (left wing) activist. My political activities were partly inspired by aversies developed in the military service. But the other factor was that the leader of my party of choice was the first person to raise environmental issues in the parliament.

From 1980 until 2007 I have served the government in several positions. Toxicological research, policy making, public health inspector en scientific management at RIVM. I became proud father of Reinier, Onno and Tessa.

In 2007 I left the government offices behind and started as an independent consultant. At the same time I have made more time available for handicraft activities. Building, renovating houses, but only for family and friends.

The process of building my camper van is described under Camper van (in Dutch only). Further I dived into the wonder world of Genealogy. Results of these activities may also be found on this website. Also more time for sports.

In 2014 I ended my professional career. Since 2011 granddad! My sideline has become my mainstream.